Third Time’s a Charm for Piano Lessons

A reader gets second chance at making beautiful music.

| September/October 2012

My first chance at making beautiful music on the piano began when I started taking piano lessons in third grade, and it continued through my junior year in high school. Although I became pretty good, technically, I’m just not a musician.

You would think that after all the money my folks spent on lessons, they would have been disappointed that I wasn’t a better piano player, but they weren’t.

I’m nearly 70 now, and I’m good enough to play for the residents at the nursing home. I enjoy playing, so I guess it wasn’t wasted money after all.

Sons and second chances

My second chance came with our sons, who took piano lessons for a few years. One of them didn’t care for it and never really caught on, although he tried. The other one understood it better, and he still plays a little. No matter the outcome, I had accomplished my purpose — to expose my boys to as many experiences as possible.

Third Time’s a Charm

Seven years ago, I got my third chance.

My son, who plays the piano occasionally, was playing some Christmas songs, and his 7-year-old son loved it. He ran over to me and asked if I would show him how to play. I was thrilled, even though I was sure he thought learning to play the piano was something he could be taught in a matter of minutes. I told him to ask his parents, and with their approval, my grandson and I set out on our musical journey.

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