Pigs Stampede Around the Outhouse

Girls are scared to leave the outhouse because of a pig stampede outside.

| Good Old Days

My earliest memories, when I was really quite young, are of an old farmhouse in Iowa. It is the first house I remember living in. It had a big yard and lots of trees, and a little old shack out back. 

Lots of memories include cousins, and one incident includes a particular cousin a few years younger than myself.

It was a warm summer day, very warm, maybe a holiday like the Fourth of July. My city cousin was visiting with her parents. We had done all the things people do when company comes. In the natural course of events in the middle of that long hot afternoon, after several glasses of Kool-aid, my cousin and I reluctantly decided to stroll down the 01' boardwalk to the little 01' shack out back – also known as the outhouse.

Now, neither of us was too enthusiastic about taking that walk, especially not my city cousin who was used to a little more modern way. However, when you have to, you have to.

Well, we got there and went in. We immediately decided not to stay any longer than necessary because it was even warmer in there than outside.

Besides, there were spiders in there, which neither one of us were too crazy about, and well, the smell wasn't anything to write home about. Anyway, my cousin was scared, and since I was the oldest, I had to be brave.

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