Pranks to Pull on Sleeping People

A reader pulls a funny sleeping prank on his friend.

| March/April 2012

  • Sleeping Person
    A prank on sleeping people almost always disorients them.
    Yuri Arcurs/Fotolia

  • Sleeping Person

At my friend Paul’s house one night while playing cards, Paul fell asleep on the couch. He’d had a long, hard day at work, and he was exhausted.

Seeing a great opportunity, a group of us came up with the perfect prank.

With Paul still sound asleep on the couch, we picked it up, carried it outside and put it in a dark shed. Then we went back inside.

Within an hour, Paul came walking into the house shivering, and the rest of us started laughing. We got him! He said when he woke up, it took him a couple of minutes to figure out where he was.

Mauston, Wisconsin

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