Second World War: The Death of President Roosevelt

The second World War was won as the nation held through President Roosevelt's death.

| Good Old Days

On April 12, 1945, President Roosevelt died. That was one of the saddest days during World War II. The government offices were closed, and we were sent home. We sat in our rooms and listened to the commentators and funeral music on the radio. 

All of Washington lined Constitution Avenue to watch the caisson carrying Roosevelt's casket pulled by six white horses. The caisson was followed by a rider-less horse with a saddle and boots placed backwards in the stirrups. Everyone was mourning Roosevelt's death. Could the war be won without our leader?

Later, President Roosevelt's body was taken to Hyde Park and buried in the garden. Vice President Truman was sworn in as President, and the War continued.

Toward the end of August 1945 we were told the Bureau of Ships was not allowing any more contracts. Work slowed down, but we were told to look busy. Every time the loud speaker in our building sputtered, we expected the end of the War to be announced. This continued for at least a month. On September I, 1945, I had just arrived home from work in the afternoon, when the announcement came over the radio. Japan had signed the peace treaty.

Everyone headed for downtown Washington. People were hanging on the outside of the streetcars. There were conga lines up and down F and G Streets. Ticker tape was hanging from the upstairs office windows on F Street.

Servicemen went up and down the streets kissing every pretty girl they saw.

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