The Outhouse Project

A city family moves to a small town and decorates their outhouse.

| Good Old Days

About 1936 our family moved from Chicago to a small town in central Illinois where we were introduced to the "outhouse." Ours was a classic - cold, drab and drafty. 

It was while Mother was still unpacking boxes that my oldest sister decided to make the outhouse her "project."

As Mother would empty a box, we were sent to fetch it out back to the work area. There my sister would cut open each box, lay it flat and measure out sheets of cardboard to fit and line the inner walls and door of the outhouse.

All this activity soon caught the attention of the local kids and they were having a high old time laughing at the "city brats" hard at work on the outhouse.

By using the unprinted side, Big Sis had a perfectly clean work surface - an ideal place to create a "work of art."

Armed with pencil, poster-paint, brushes and imagination, her outhouse "mural" took the form of an underwater seascape.

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