Comical Account of Rats Stealing Eggs

On a Kansas homestead, one husband wakes up to find a hilarious ordeal involving the local rats stealing eggs.

| Good Old Days

When my husband's grandparents inhabited a Kansas homestead, they built a small three-room house with a small upstairs. At the bottom of the stairway was a small landing, and there they kept their eggs in a box.

One night Grandma was awakened by a noise. "Bump! bump! bump!" it went. She thought it was a loose board hitting the house, blown by the wind. Several nights later she was awakened again by the same sound. She woke her husband who got a lamp and tried to locate the noise.

It seemed to come from the stairwell, so Granddad opened the door carefully. What do you think he saw?

A rat lying on his back was holding an egg on his belly with his feet, and another rat was pulling him up the stairs by the tail.

The next morning Grandma went upstairs to see if she could find where the rats were putting the eggs. Behind a trunk she found more than 50 eggs, not one of them broken. She also found a bushel basket of empty eggshells. 

Mrs. Audrey Troester
Parsons, Kansas

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