Schoolteacher at One-Room Schoolhouse Got Last Laugh

Students’ prank backfired on them in one-room schoolhouse.

| Good Old Days

This happened in my last year of teaching at a one-room schoolhouse. It was Halloween time and every year the kids would drag up an old outhouse to put on the steps right against the door so I couldn't unlock it. Also they would go around behind and tie up the rope so I couldn't ring the 8:30 bell. So I had to call the school board to help me get in each time.

So some of my friends decided we would wait until they had done all the damage, so we pulled the outhouse off just so I could unlock my door. Then we went around and crawled up the ladder (which they left standing), and untied the rope so when I came the next morning I went in and rang the 8:30 bell.

Here come all the kids (with their mouths hanging open) and they come in the room and said, "Miss McDonald, how did you get in here?" And I said, "I just unlocked the door and came in."

"How did you ring the 8:30 bell?"

"Just like I always do."

A little later I was putting some work on the blackboard (my back was turned) and I heard someone say, "...and we can't find the ladder anywhere." My gang had hidden the ladder in an alley and they found it later. Anyway, we got the last laugh.

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