Schoolteacher During Depression

Recalls teaching in a one-room schoolhouse in 1931.

| Good Old Days

In the depression year of 1931, I taught in a one room county school several miles from even a small town.

One lovely spring day a little boy was enjoying the view from the window by his desk. He called out "Look! A plane is going to land in the schoolyard!" I could see a small plane flying low heading right for the schoolhouse. I hurried the children out of the house. We all stood in a group to watch.

The considerate pilot no doubt could see twenty eager little children and a teacher that did not often get to watch a plane flying.

While all eyes were watching, the plane flew over us, turned around, and started doing the flying tricks that people in our area would have had to go miles to see.

After some flying stunts the plane flew back over the group, dipped one wing and flew on to the north.

That thoughtful pilot will never know the happiness he gave that little group.

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