Schoolteacher Loved Every Minute Spent in Rural Schoolhouse

When it sensed danger, the dog of one of the school children escorted teacher from her car to the door of the one-room schoolhouse.

| Good Old Days

Every rural schoolteacher who was hired in a new district found that she was expected to give a complete background during the opening hour of the first day of school.

Pupils wanted to know her age, name, religion, number of children if she was married, and if she was going to be "crabby."

It only took a day or two in a new position to determine the kind of home each child came from. Sometimes the circumstances were heart-breaking as somehow the teacher became a confidante as little hearts overflowed.

Perhaps one event stands out in my memory more than others. The sheriff had stopped to ask me to keep the door locked all day because a criminal had been spotted on the highway. Naturally I was a bit fearful each morning as I drove into the yard, not knowing what I might find.

Across the road lived the family of one pupil, and their dog was notorious for taking a nip at anyone who got out of their car. However, sensing danger, that dog met me at my car and escorted me to the door every day. One morning I found beer cans, food wrappers and orange peels on the steps - so we had had visitors.

Thus is the lore of an ex-teacher who loved every minute spent in a rural school.

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