Second World War: Easter Lamb and Sheepskin

Woman recalls an Italian family curing their own sheepskin after easter while staying in Europe after the second World War.

| Good Old Days

 As the second World War drew to a close, my husband and I were married. Being married to a serviceman allowed my children and me to travel overseas to his duty stations. 

When we arrived in southern Italy, scars of the bombing there were very visible. Americans were not especially welcome at that particular time.

We lived a few blocks from the NATO Command. Our young children and I would walk to the military facility for some of our needs. We would pass the ground-level apartment of an Italian family; the kitchen door was almost always open.

Several weeks before Easter, we saw a lamb being raised behind the kitchen stove, which was directly in line with the open door. The floor of the apartment was earth.

The lamb grew larger each passing week.

The week after Easter, instead of seeing the lamb behind the stove we saw the sheepskin nailed on the outside of the house drying. We imagined the family enjoyed the fatted lamb for Easter dinner.

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