Stories of Helping Others

Readers share stories of good deeds, paying it forward and helping those in need.

| January/February 2013

  • Helping Others
    Great stories of helping others often inspire readers to pay it forward.
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  • Helping Others

Any time of year is a great time for helping others, and your stories of generosity inspire others to pay it forward.

It could be as simple as inviting a lonely neighbor over for Christmas dinner or gathering needed supplies for a young student going off to college. Perhaps you provided shelter for a friend who needed company in rough times. Or, maybe someone helped you in your time of need.

Whatever the situation, the generosity of others always helps make gloomy times a little bit brighter. Feel inspired to do a good deed while enjoying CAPPER's reader stories about helping others.

Stories of Helping Others

Husband Is Great at Helping Others      
Neighbors’ Good Deed Was Selfless Act of Kindness     
Paying It Forward Is New Motto     
Struggling Family Thankful for Kindness of Strangers    
Act of Kindness Paid Back Double    
Loved Ones Were There in Time of Need     
Stranger Insisted He Pick Up the Tab     
Congregation Provided College Student with Needed Items     
Guardian Angels Appeared Out of Nowhere 

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