Storm brought out charity in folks

| March 2009

That day in May 1927 began just like any other spring day. However, that afternoon, huge thunderheads built up in the southwest sky, so we hurried to get our work done before the storm hit.

My sister had trouble getting the cows into the barn. They acted like they wanted to head out to the far pasture.

We saw an odd-looking cloud in the west, but thought nothing of it.

While we were eating supper, the phone rang, so my sister went to see who it was. By the time she answered it, no one was there.

Just then, we saw a huge funnel cloud a mile or two from our house.

We ran to the cellar, and while my older sister held the door closed, my other sister and I clung to Mother. All of a sudden, we heard a terrible roar – a sound I hope to never hear again.

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