Children Got Stuck in Snow While Playing

A reader shares the story of her classmates getting stuck in snow while playing in snowbanks.

| November/December 2012

  • Old Schoolhouse
    Back in the good old days, schools rarely closed because of snow, and the children most often walked to and from school, no matter the weather.
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  • Old Schoolhouse

Back in the early 1940s, schoolchildren walked to and from school, even in the snow. I didn’t have far to walk, so I enjoyed walking in the snow.

Stuck in snow

One cold afternoon, as I hurried home from school, two other little girls stopped to play in a snowbank across from my aunt and uncle’s house. My aunt saw them, but figured they wouldn’t play long since it was so cold outside.

Later, when my aunt looked out the window, she saw that the girls were still there. She was worried about them getting too cold, so she went out to check on them.

One of the girls was stuck in the snow, and the other girl was trying to pull her out. My aunt tried to pull the youngster out, too, but couldn’t. She went back to her house and got a hoe, which she used to dig the snow from around the child. When she was free, both girls went running home.

They were fine, but they never stopped to play in that snowbank again.

Allardt, Tennessee

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