Child Raised Summer Garden

Woman recalls starting her college fund by growing a summer garden with her father.

| July/August 2012

When I was young, we lived in the country on a 40-acre farm, so when I asked my father for space to plant a summer garden, it was no problem. In fact, he plowed up a bigger spot then I had really wanted, but I said nothing, and went ahead and planted the whole thing.

I remember I had two rows of lettuce, a row each of radishes and beans. Cabbage would come later, when I got the plants, and I also planned on watermelons and cucumbers. We had neighbors who lived in the city but spent the weekends next door to us, on their farm. I had planned on making some extra money for the summer by selling produce to these neighbors. When I asked them about it, they were very happy to be my customers.

Well, believe me, I was one busy 11-year-old girl! Weeds grew unbelievably fast, and every weekend, when my father was home from work, he would help me weed the summer garden. We had a beautiful garden that we were both proud of, especially when it grew big enough to eat. We had more lettuce than two households could use, not to mention onions and radishes.

My little savings account grew almost as fast as our summer garden. I decided to start saving for college, and I had enough left to buy extras throughout the summer.

Monrovia, Indiana

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