Surprises Were Plenty In One-Room School

As a schoolteacher in a rural schoolhouse, there was never a dull moment.

| Good Old Days

Teaching in a one-room school was never without surprises.

On a busy highway, the schoolhouse faced south so we were not aware of the events to the east of us.

One of the boys went out to display the flag and very quietly called me to the cloakroom.

"There's a man sitting on the approach to the schoolyard. He has a package on his lap which looks like a rifle that is not assembled."

Needless to say, the door was locked immediately and no one left the building until the parents came to pick up their children. We did not mention the problem so the younger ones would not panic and cause a lot of pandemonium in the room.

After school was dismissed, one of the parents and an older lad looked into the culvert and found empty wrappers for food, pop and pieces of bread. Apparently someone was using it for a place to sleep.

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