Teacher at One-Room Schoolhouse Surprised By Rat

Teacher found a rat in her desk drawer at one-room schoolhouse.

| Good Old Days

The teacher in our one-room schoolhouse often received a special initiation at the new school.

This young teacher from the east was very thrilled to get a school in an old, almost deserted western mining camp. The school boasted 11 pupils, and everyone knew everyone else in camp.

The third day of school the teacher opened the top drawer of her desk and a big, fat wharf rat jumped out in her lap. For the next few minutes everyone played a game of "find the rat."

The game ended when someone dealt the rat a fatal blow with the iron poker, and school was again in normal session. The teacher had asked a few casual questions and made a few shrewd deductions of her own about how that live rat just happened to be in her tightly-closed desk drawer.

At recess time she headed for the girls' room in the trees out back. But she went right on past it, and came to a house where a bachelor lived. He was in the habit of leaving a kettle of food cooking on the big cast iron stove so he would have a meal ready when he returned from work. This day when he returned from work he added some fuel to the smoldering coals. He washed up and moved the coffee pot to the front of the stove, and set the table and took his plate to the stove for his hot supper.

He took the lid off the kettle and there, right on top, was a well-cooked wharf rat.

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