Family Farm: Will You Tell a Story about your Grandma, Please?

An Illinois woman tells her grandaughter a story about her own grandmother and her family farm

| Good Old Days

The wind blew. Thunder and lightning seemed to be at war with each other. Lightning shot, then thunder returned the volley with double force. The sky was dark like a piece of black velvet. Trees bent to the wind, which whistled around corners. Deedee, my little granddaughter, lay curled in my lap trying to be brave.

She was ready for bed but the war outside would not let her rest. I sat rocking her as she snuggled in the big rose-green afghan my grandma had made for me many, many years ago. Deedee loved to be bundled up in it. She would say, "I'm all cozy, like a bug in a rug, aren't I Grandma?" I would squeeze her and say, "Yes, Deedee, my little rug bug." Deedee started to say, "Grandma, did..." when a great clap of thunder boomed. She jumped nervously.

When the thunder subsided she went on, "Grandma, did you ever visit your grandma?"

"Oh, yes, Deedee, lots of times."

"Will you tell a story about your grandma, please?"

"Surely. Let's see now... It was Friday night and the beginning of a long weekend in early summer. Your great-grandma and grandpa drove with your Aunt Connie and me down to my grandma's family farm in the little village of Como, which was located just west of Sterling and Rock Falls, Illinois. I knew we were close to Grandma's house because there was a sign in front of a little gray house that said 'FRESH HONEY' We turned at the corner just beyond that sign, and five minutes down that road was Grandma's house. The gate was open and the yard seemed filled with cars. There was Grandpa's black Ford with yellow spoke wheels; Uncle George's gray coupe, and Uncle Wilbur's maroon Packard that was like a minibus you see today.

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