That Old Country Schoolhouse

A poem about an old country schoolhouse.

| Good Old Days

That old country schoolhouse
Was not like one in city or town,
It's no longer in the spot where it stood
For it has now burned down.

But, oh so many memories linger
About that schoolhouse on the hill,
And even though it is there no more,
In our minds we see it still.

Inside, the pull-down maps were up front,
Pictures of Washington and Lincoln on the wall,
The old bench for lunch buckets to be set,
Our study books were ready for school in the fall.

Most teachers were very nice -
Sometimes a different one each year.
They all did their best to teach us
The importance to learn, they made it clear!

If we failed in getting our lesson,
Perhaps we'd have to stay after school
And we'd soon learn by obedience
That we must respect the teacher's rule.

But there was always time for play.
When noon hour and recess came,
We were all anxious to run outside
And be ready to play some game.

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