The Old Family Farm

| 7/18/2017 4:38:00 PM

Mel Boone

The old Roe farm

I guess you can say that there are two types of farms. There are big corporate farms, and then there are the family farms. I'm glad to have had grandparents who owned a small family farm.

There are so many memories of that farm that I couldn't possibly list them all. Even though I was raised in town, I spent many wonderful times out there. Big yard (or at least big to me), and lots of pasture to play in and to explore. I was never at a loss for playmates. There were always dogs and cats there that were willing to play with me just so that they could have some attention.

I grew up assuming that the farm would always be there and someday I would be the one to it over. Now I must admit that I have been proven wrong. Grandpa passed away from Parkinson's disease several years ago. My grandma, who's health is declining, is now in the nursing home. The farm, since the deed was still in her name, was sold in order to pay for the nursing home.

Nobody expects their golden years to be like this. My grandparents were no different, so planning for bad health issues was something that they didn't get around to planning for.