Timid Trespassers at One-Room Schoolhouse

Youngsters were timid while trespassing in the one-room schoolhouse.

| Good Old Days

After the one-room schoolhouse episode, my cousins and I vowed we would never, ever trespass again.

My father's people had driven all the way through the County to our farm for a reunion. What a meal! Our aunts must have tried to out-do each other with their casseroles and baking.

In the afternoon, we cousins usually played hide and seek or something, but we were too stuffed. We checked out the tire swing, and the new animals and nests, when someone noticed the one-room schoolhouse high upon the bluff across the meadow.

"Let's go see it," said John.

"Oh no. Dad says not to trespass."

"Well, let's walk off this big dinner, anyway." Of course, he steered us to the road that led up the long hill, and around the huge curve to the schoolhouse. It was so hot and dusty. We flopped in the shade. Soon we younger ones saw gophers to chase. Buffalo Beans and flowers were picked. The boys checked out play equipment and outbuildings.

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