Cappers Farmer

Together with God: Hopes and Dreams

I’ve had a dream for a long time now that my mother would come to live with me, but we are 1,300 miles apart. Such a long distance, and yet we can cross it with one phone call, one thought of love, one wish for the other’s well being. I think about her being here to the point that I can feel her presence. It’s warming to the heart to feel someone that close. For years I have imagined what it would be like to enjoy a Sunday afternoon, my husband on the couch sleeping through a football game, and Mom and me working a puzzle – add in a snowy day and a warm, glowing fire, and it becomes the perfect scenario.

Dreams are important to our lives. There is hope in the possibilities of the future and a strong feeling of joy when a dream is realized. As children we start wishing for toys we want, and by the time we’re adults, our small wishes have turned into dreaming and hoping for a better future. It’s a basic need of human existence to hope for more, to strive for better, and to believe in the dream of an exciting future.

Father, thank You for listening to our prayers, hopes, wishes and dreams for a brighter future. May we always be filled with the hope that we can allow ourselves to want more, to be better, and to strive to reach new goals. Keep our spirits strong and our hearts open.


  • Published on Dec 15, 2009
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