Travel: Girlfriend Getaways

| March 2009

  • Girlfriend Getaways
    DESTINATION GIRLFRIEND: More and more women are taking trips together, prompting hotels and travel agencies to offer girlfriend getaway packages.
    – Family Features

  • Girlfriend Getaways

Getting away from work and personal responsibilities, relaxing, laughing and bonding with friends are just a few reasons why girlfriend getaways are becoming more popular than ever.


Approximately 32 million women took trips last year, and a lot of them were girlfriend getaways. According to the AAA Girlfriend Travel Research Project, these trips represent 4 percent of all U.S. leisure travel spending, which is almost $200 million a year.


What do these women do on their trips? Here is a breakdown of activities:

  • Dining out – 86 percent
  • Shopping – 74 percent
  • Spa visits – 73 percent
  • Going to the beach or pool – 70 percent


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