Excerpts From Union Army Corporal's Diary a Family Treasure

Family treasures diary excerpts, along with blue cap and discharge certificate, of corporal in the Union Army.

| Good Old Days

Among the treasured keepsakes handed down to our generation of the family from our great-grandfather, who was a captain in the Civil War, are his Union Army blue cap, his discharge certificate, a portion of his diary and the watch he carried through the war.

The Captain was still a Corporal when the following excerpts were written in his neat, legible handwriting. All were written in 1863.

"We were busy all day pitching camp. Cold rain night and day. I now go to the Surgeon with the sick.”

"Rain and cold again today. Three of our men had half their heads shaved for being drunk. Could get no news from Hooker's Army."

"Bright and warm. At 15 minutes to 2 p.m., we had news of the capture of Richmond by General Dix. Hope it is so. After dress parade we received news that the Star-Spangled Banner waves over Richmond. The news was received with cheers and patriotic speeches until a late hour. God grant this War may soon close and I can come home to enjoy the blessings of peace!"

"A stormy day. In the evening we were paid two months' pay. Received $36.30."

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