The Civil War: Father Took Part in Union Army's March to the Sea

Amusing stories included the capture of a fat pig and embarrassing the captain with leftover meat.

| Good Old Days

My father was born in Ohio in 1837. He enlisted in the Union Army and served under John T. Sherman and was in the famous March to the Sea. He told some amusing stories, and this one I remember. They were in camp but had not been in combat for several days. A nice fat pig came by the cook's tent and the boys planned to get that pig.

They captured it, skinned it, and burned or buried the skin to avoid being caught. They cooked part of the meat but had quite a piece left.

The next day a woman came down hunting her pig. Said she was sure the boys had killed it. The captain, who had a private tent the boys seldom entered, said, "Oh, I'm sure you are mistaken. I haven't a boy in my company that would do such a thing. I'll order all tents searched."

Meanwhile the boys had slipped around while he was talking and put the meat in the back of the captain's tent. All tents were searched but no meat found. Then the captain, always a gentlemen, said, "Search my tent now."

And there they found the meat. The embarrassed captain found it hard to explain.

Uda Price
Fair Play, Missouri

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