Woman Recalls Union Soldiers Marching After the Civil War

Marching Union soldiers led the way to cemetery on Memorial Day to remember fallen Civil War comrades.

| Good Old Days

Father had been the Civil War and like all Union soldiers was a radical one. There was a G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic) Post, and on Memorial Day hundreds of G.A.R. veterans would fall in line, four abreast, and we would watch them marching to the cemetery to the drum and bugle corps music. They each carried a bouquet, and Old Glory and their Post flag waved proudly.

How I loved that marching. And to hear the singing! Such songs as "Tenting Tonight on the Old Campground" and "Just before the Battle, Mother." Then when they got together for a party, they would sing this to the tune of "Sweet By and By."

"Army beans, good old beans

Good for boil, bake or broil, roast or fry

Eat' em now, anyhow

Scrape the pan, if you can

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