United Nations Sends Man to New York

New York shows immigrant a new land of opportunity.

| Good Old Days

On board the plane on my flight to New York, I felt like singing, and I honestly laughed when the cute stewardess served me salad, because I had never seen peaches in salad and thought that was so funny!

My heart was bursting with anticipation; I wanted to push the plane to go faster. When we finally arrived in Idlewild, New York, I thanked the Creator with all my heart for the great privilege. I still had to pinch myself to realize that I was not dreaming.

A taxi took me to a Manhattan hotel near the United Nations building. The driver asked me my name as I pointed out the wonders of the city. Just by coincidence, six months later I took the same taxicab. The driver remembered my name and said that my enthusiasm made him realize what a privilege it was to be an American.

I was so excited to be in New York. I started to walk down the streets-I walked and walked for two consecutive days without sleeping. Everything was new and wonderful: the people, the stores, the windows, Radio City, the Rockefeller Center ... I could not believe the amount of magazines and newspapers in some of the stands. I decided to buy the entire bunch and send them to my parents, because I thought that if I told them how many there were, they would have thought that I was exaggerating. I sent the huge package by ship.

Soon I was assigned to my position in the United Nations. They said that they wanted to introduce me to Latin American people, but I said 1 did not want to meet Latin Americans, I want to meet Americans. I did meet Joan Crawford. She looked so old in person but she was extra nice; she gave me a large autographed photo of her glamorous self.

Besides my assignment, I worked for radio programs, transcribing and acting in different episodes, including the one that I had written, "Citizens of the World."

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