Unusual Holidays

Readers share their less-than-traditional holiday experiences.

| November/December 2010

 Snow Storm Almost Ruined Christmas Celebration 

One year, several months before Christmas, my husband and I made plans with some friends to have Christmas dinner at a wonderful restaurant famous for its delicious food and enjoyable Christmas music. We made the reservations in advance, and we were all looking forward to a fun-filled Christmas celebration. 

When we got up on Christmas morning, the windows were partly frosted over, but we could still see outside. What we saw were knee-high snow drifts in our yard and even higher snowdrifts in the lane from our house to the road. And the thermometer read 17 below zero. Suddenly our Christmas plans didn’t look very promising. 

My husband and I talked and decided even though we would have to cancel our restaurant reservations, we could still have a good time and celebrate Christmas if we could just manage to get our friends to our house. Luckily, my husband had driven a big gravel truck home from work the night before, and even better, the truck was equipped with chains on the tires. So, he went to pick up our friends and bring them to our house. 

Since we were planning on dining out, I didn’t have a turkey or any of the fixings, so preparing Christmas dinner from scratch was a challenge. Thank goodness we had frozen chicken and ground beef in the freezer. So, instead of a traditional Christmas dinner, we had spaghetti and meatballs with fried chicken. For dessert, I served leftover birthday cake. 

It was a wonderful day, and one we’ve always remembered. 

Alma - Monrovia, Indiana 

12/24/2013 8:52:54 AM

If you ever do stories on "different" Thanksgivings, here is mine. My wife died 17 Jun 2000, and Thanksgiving was the first big holiday family-gathering fest afterwards. My four children and their families were all coming to insure I had a festive time. They brought all of the side dishes, and I volunteered to cook the turkey, as I knew there was one in the back of our freezer. Got up early on Thanksgiving morning to get the turkey out of the freezer (Hey, what did I know about early thawing! It's a man thing!) Then, while unwrapping the bird, I noticed the expiration date was two years old! Oops! Well, It didn't take long to find out I simply could not find a store open to sell me a turkey on Thanksgiving Day? Fortunately, the freezer was well stocked, so our family had all the Thanksgiving side dishes and desserts to go with filet mignons! We still laugh about that.

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