Second World War: Tokyo Bay on V-J Day

Man recalls serving aboard the Pasadena and witnessing the formal end of the second World War in Tokyo Bay on V-J Day.

| Good Old Days

 Albert Dale Fecht fought in the second World War. This is one of the stories he told. 

Albert was assigned to overseas duty aboard the light cruiser Pasadena, which prowled the Pacific Ocean for 10 consecutive months. It steamed into Tokyo Bay on V-J Day, September 2, 1945. The Pasadena anchored beside the warship Missouri to witness the signing of the surrender.

Every available topside area was crowded with men in freshly laundered whites who were eager for this long-awaited occasion. With a strange mixture of emotions, the men watched as the small figures of the Japanese surrender emissaries climbed the gangway and were piped aboard the Missouri for formal ceremonies on this historic day.

The Pasadena arrived back into the United States January 19, 1946.

The Re d Cross had a message for Albert. It was: "Your father is ill, come home immediately." Albert boarded a train for Tribune, Kansas. Friends were waiting for him. They found his father at a gas station, all bent over, and very ill.

Albert put his father in a vehicle and sped the 34 miles to the nearest hospital before going home.

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