Veteran Buys a Grocery Store After the Second World War

Disillusioned veteran was revived by the faith of his friends after the second World War

| Good Old Days

 I returned home in 1946, after almost four years in the Army, a veteran of the second World War. The experiences I had left me bitter with the world. I had decided I would stop to visit Mom and Dad before going on to a big city to live. I wasn't in the mood for working. I was going to join the 52-20 club. The government was paying the veterans $20 a week for up to 52 weeks while adjusting to civilian life. I was aiming for the full amount. 

My brother had come home after serving almost four years in England and purchased one of the grocery stores in a small north-west Kansas town. His meat cutter suddenly quit to go to Oregon. I agreed to help him out for a few weeks. After I was there about six weeks, my brother left for the day. When he came back he told me he had a job and was leaving the grocery store.

I asked, "Who's going to buy the store?"

He replied, "You are!"

I said, "With what? I don't have a hundred dollars to my name."

A few evenings later I was in the local tavern with a friend who always bought the beer for us. He asked me, "What are you going to do about buying the store?"

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