Couple Found Romance on Wagon Train During Gold Rush Days

Widow begins journey alone during Gold Rush days, only to find love as wagon train heads West.

| Good Old Days

Not all the stories of the Gold Rush days were of grief and disappointment. There was romance, too.

Cora Reed's husband died two weeks before the wagon train started West. She didn't know what to do. If she stayed she would be all alone because her daughter and her family were part of the party going in search of treasure. Finally, they persuaded her to go with them.

She had a good team and wagon and insisted that she would drive it herself because she was used to animals. By the time they had reached Leavenworth, Job Witherspoon, a widower, had appointed himself as Cora's guardian, and he helped her with her team in all the hard places. Long before they had reached the gold fields, they had decided to marry.

"But, Ma, you don't know much about him," objected Cora's daughter.

"I know that any man as nice to young-uns as that man is will be good to a wife," Cora replied.

"Pa, how in the world will you find work enough to take care of a woman?" Job's daughter asked.

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