Wagon Train Members Thwart Robbery

Outlaws flee wagon train when settlers discover plan to rob them of savings.

| Good Old Days

It was mid-October of 1868. The Pendarvis-Roberts-Tanksley wagon train was camped for the night along the Marais des Cygnes River near Osawatomie, Kansas. The Tanksley children, Albert, Allen, Caroline and Melvina, and Junie and Icie Pendarvis raced through camp and watched the huge flames from the camp fire die away into a bed of red-hot embers. The four families were bound for the Elk River bottoms below Independence, where all had claims.

Margaret Tanksley and Mary Pendarvis, sisters, and Beth Roberts, sister-in-law, were preparing supper. Suddenly out of the twilight, two riders appeared. They showed signs of having ridden far.

"Howdy," the black-bearded one said. "Any chance of gettin' a bite of supper?"

Jim Pendarvis said, "Good evening," in his courteous manner and turned to Bill Tanksley, who was considered head of the caravan.

Bill looked the men over, not liking their rough appearance.

"I’ll tell the women to throw in some more grub," he said curtly.

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