Second World War: Raising Children for the War Effort

Everyone had a job to do during the second World War. This woman took care of her boys while their father served in the Navy.

| Good Old Days

 During the second World War, each had a job to do for the war effort. My job was to stay home and take care of two great little boys. One was 3 years old, the other, 2. Their daddy had joined the Navy. So many of his friends who were single had been gone for two years or more. 

The three of us had some great times, and some scary.

Grandpa had given the boys a magnet. They were having fun with it, until the 2-year-old swallowed a small piece of metal they had found. It had four sharp comers. Of course, it hurt going down. I gave him some bread to eat. Although I was a nurse, I decided to phone the one doctor left in our area. He said, "Good, and give him some raw apple." All the time I was talking to the doctor, this scared baby sitting beside me kept asking, "Am I going to heaven?" I can still see those big blue eyes searching my face. A day later - with some pain - he passed the piece, much to my relief. We walked to Grandpa's place of business. The older boy threw open the door and announced to all, "He grunted and we got the meta1."

Another time the older boy, who was 4 by then, came to me crying. He was shaking and crying so hard that I had to calm him first. He finally told me, "1 put a pretty rock up my nose." I could see it, but not remove it. I told him to listen to me and do as I told him. Breathe in your mouth like Mommy is doing. Close your mouth, and blow through your nose. Repeating this several times, until he understood, we recovered the pretty rock. Tears were dried and there were lots of hugs.

Taking them to town was exciting for them, and kept me busy.

One day at the local A&P store they accidentally broke a bottle of ammonia. They knew they were in trouble. I can still see them standing side-by-side, watching me and the manager clean it up.

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