Welcome 2017!

| 1/5/2017 10:25:00 AM

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Mel BooneHappy New Year, everyone! We're already four days into 2017, can you believe it? As always, I attempt to make resolutions — emphasis on the word attempt. Why? Well, it's because I'm lousy at keeping them!

This year I really want to try to do better. My mindset isn't "I will try to keep my new year resolutions," it's "I will succeed at keeping at least one or all!" I wonder how many times I'll have to remind myself of this? Who wants to place any bets on that? I mean, I really do have a poor track record!

One objective is in my photography. It's a hobby that I have had since middle school, and I'm glad to share my love for the hobby with my Grandpa Boone. Now I want to go a step further and see if my skills as a photographer are good enough for anyone to buy. I could start online, but I haven't worked up the nerve to go that far yet. I do, however, have 8x10 mounting boards that I purchased from Photographer's Edge. I would love to see some of my work in a local gallery. So, my goal for now is to get my 8x10's mounted and start looking at which galleries will accept my work.

Another goal is contests. At one time I wrote poetry. Although I never won a poetry contest, I do have three poems that have been printed in anthologies. Even if I never enter another poetry contest, I really should get back to writing my poems again. Perhaps I should Google photo contests?

Then there's Jake and Buddy. Jake — as those who have read my blogs know — is my Jack Russell Terrier. I now have Buddy, my Grandma Roe's terrier mix. They're both lovable dogs and they love to play with each other. They love to go for car rides but get a little too hyper at times in the SUV. So it's time for a little training, I guess. I thought one dog was a handful; now I have an extra helping of "energetic dog." If I can just get through this then trips to Long Branch Lake and State Park will be so much more enjoyable once spring gets here!

So all in all, I'm trying to stay optimistic. My resolutions are all doable, right?

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