Pig Fell in Well Water

Child on Oklahoma homestead had to descend well and stand in shoulder-deep well water to rescue a pig.

| Good Old Days

When we settled on an Oklahoma homestead, we hauled water from the Canadian River, three miles away, until a well was dug on the home place. A well was a novelty to me, a 9-year-old girl, and I loved to look down at the water. Although I had been warned to keep the cover in place, sometimes I would lift the lid and steal a peek.

One day when I was watering pigs, I decided to look down into the well. As soon as I lifted the lid, a little pig fell in.

My first impulse was not to tell, but when I realized the pig would drown and spoil the water, I ran for my mother. We hurried to rescue the pig.

She lowered me into the well, riding on a bucket tied to a rope. The water was only shoulder deep, so I could stand on the bottom to pick up the pig. Time after time he climbed out of the bucket. I took off my hood and put it around him, tying the strings to the bucket bail, and Mama pulled him up. Then she lowered the bucket again to lift me out of the well.

I had been a disobedient child, but somehow I never was punished for lifting the lid and almost drowning a little pig.

Mrs. C. H. Campbell
Ordway, Colorado

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