Rodeo Fair on a Western Colorado Homestead

Former homesteader recalls a county fair and rodeo on a western Colorado homestead.

| Good Old Days

A neighbor came by our farm telling us, newcomers to a western Colorado homestead, about the county fair. We fixed a picnic dinner and went.

All the families spread their dinners together. People came up and introduced themselves and shook hands. No strangers-it was wonderful. There were exhibits of canned goods and fancywork.

In the afternoon we stood around some hastily built pens and watched one of the finest rodeos I ever saw. Cowboys had gone to the mountains and herded into the pens some wild horses and steers from the range. They would rope an animal and a cowboy would try to ride him. If he succeeded, someone would pass the hat and the spectators would contribute their small change. He might possibly get $1.50 or $2. If he was bucked off, he gained nothing but experience.

The celebration broke up about five o'clock so we could all get home by dark. Now in my 80th year I think of that day, and I'm sure it was one of the most enjoyable fairs I ever attended.

Mrs. Elizabeth Fisher
Great Bend, Kansas


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