Why I Love My Church

Readers reveal what makes their places of worship special.

| January/February 2010

  • Brilliant Christian Church
    Brilliant Christian Church.
    Judy Hanlin

  • Brilliant Christian Church

In the July/August issue, we printed an article, "Praise for Country Churches," by Don Dilmore, in which he shared his opinion about why he likes country churches better than big-city churches. Then we asked readers, "What do you love about your place of worship?" Here are a couple of the responses we received.

Love, Friendship Abound

"Enter to worship, depart to serve" reads the sign above the archway leading to our sanctuary at Brilliant Christian Church. These words are not taken lightly. Everyone goes the extra mile to help others.

We have many outreach programs, such as collecting school supplies for students and food for the area food bank. The youth also get involved by visiting hospitals and helping distribute food.

Area residents know all they have to do is call and request prayers, and they will be added to our prayer list. When someone passes away, members of our church prepare and serve a meal to the family following the funeral.

Each Sunday, birthdays and anniversaries for the week are announced, and there is a jovial atmosphere as we sing. After service, everyone mingles and visits. Hugs are as common as handshakes, and babies and toddlers are passed from one pair of loving hands to another.

We have lost several members over the past decade, but the love and generosity is greater than it’s ever been. The extraordinary friendship and compassion is why Brilliant Christian Church has been my church for more than 60 years.

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