Winter Wonderland – A Winter Poem

A winter poem about attending a one-room school after a blizzard.

| Good Old Days

After a howling blizzard during the night,
The snow looked so beautiful and white
We couldn't use the kitchen door for the snow,
Where the wind had piled and packed it so.

The snow was drifted in swirls and waves
With peaks, valleys, tunnels and caves
Reminding me of my childhood days
When winter storms came in a similar way.

We walked a mile to attend our school
And were taught to live by the "Golden Rule."
We studied our lessons and recited them well
Arithmetic, reading, writing and learned to spell.

All eight grades by one teacher were taught
In the one room country school our lunches we brought
Around the big pot belly stove we moved our seats
Where we could warm our bodies and feet.

On Fridays we had poems to recite,
Also cyphered long or short arithmetic division on the blackboard
Subtraction, addition, geography, naming states and capitals,
A very exciting fun time.

We also studied language, spelling and art
We opened each morning school singing a song
On cold winter days we played games inside
We all wrapped up good and took dinners along.

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