Humor and Nostalgia

Take a walk down memory lane with stories about the past. Enjoy stories about the american dream, the great depression, one-room schools, outhouses, and much more.

Woman Locked in Outhouse on Roadtrip

CAPPER’s Staff

A woman gets locked in an outhouse on a family roadtrip and is saved by a little boy.

Woman Almost Spends Night in Outhouse

CAPPER’s Staff

A woman gets locked in the outhouse and thinks she is stuck for the night.

Valuable Doll Gets Thrown Away in Outhouse

CAPPER’s Staff

A young girl throws a doll down the outhouse hole not realizing its worth.

Two People Too Much For Outhouse

CAPPER’s Staff

Too much weight in the outhouse causes it to break with two people inside.


Tornado Relocates Outhouse With Man Inside

CAPPER’s Staff

A tornado struck neighbor’s farm and moves the outhouse to another field with a hired hand inside.

Three Women Fall in the Outhouse

CAPPER’s Staff

The floor of the outhouse gives way and three women fall in.

Smart Girl Finds Way to Unlock Outhouse

CAPPER’s Staff

Two girls get stuck in the outhouse and one finds a way for them to get out.

Outhouse Wedding Mishap

CAPPER’s Staff

A wedding attendant loses a shoe in the outhouse.