Humor and Nostalgia

Take a walk down memory lane with stories about the past. Enjoy stories about the american dream, the great depression, one-room schools, outhouses, and much more.

Three Women Fall in the Outhouse

CAPPER’s Staff

The floor of the outhouse gives way and three women fall in.

Smart Girl Finds Way to Unlock Outhouse

CAPPER’s Staff

Two girls get stuck in the outhouse and one finds a way for them to get out.

Outhouse Wedding Mishap

CAPPER’s Staff

A wedding attendant loses a shoe in the outhouse.

Outhouse Was a Place to Smoke

CAPPER’s Staff

Young men and women often used the outhouse as a place to smoke.


Outhouse Used as a Place to Hide Broken Eggs

CAPPER’s Staff

Children used the outhouse as a place to hide mistakes, such as broken eggs.

Outhouse Tips Over With Girl Inside

CAPPER’s Staff

Horses and rack catch a line attached to the outhouse and tip it over with a girl inside.

Outhouse Explosion Throws Man Across Yard

CAPPER’s Staff

A family’s outhouse explodes and throws the man inside across a field.

Outhouse Catches on Fire

CAPPER’s Staff

Family expects family from California when the outhouse catches fire.