Humor and Nostalgia

Take a walk down memory lane with stories about the past. Enjoy stories about the american dream, the great depression, one-room schools, outhouses, and much more.

Memorable Experiences Had Teaching In One-Room School

CAPPER’s Staff

Schoolteacher recalls one of her most pleasurable experiences of her teaching career.

School Programs Were Big Event

CAPPER’s Staff

Woman remembers the thrill of rural schoolhouse plays and programs.

Taught at Same Rural Schoolhouse as Mother and Sisters

CAPPER’s Staff

Schoolteacher will never forget her first day of school as the teacher.

School Children Learned Teaching Skills Early

CAPPER’s Staff

Many years ago, school children were prepared to get a job as a schoolteacher in a one-room schoolhouse.


Schoolteacher in One-Room School Had Unexpected Visitor

CAPPER’s Staff

Visitor enjoyed the cleanliness of the rural schoolhouse after the teacher did her janitorial duties and left for the night.

Surprises Were Plenty In One-Room School

CAPPER’s Staff

As a schoolteacher in a rural schoolhouse, there was never a dull moment.

Schoolteacher Believed Repetition Worked Well

CAPPER’s Staff

Teacher in one-room school firmly believed younger students learned more from hearing the older school children recite their studies.

Toddler Attended One-Room School at Young Age

CAPPER’s Staff

When mother filled in as schoolteacher, three-year-old accompanied her to the rural schoolhouse.