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Take a walk down memory lane with stories about the past. Enjoy stories about the american dream, the great depression, one-room schools, outhouses, and much more.

Arduous Journey Brings Grandmother to Land of Opportunity

CAPPER’s Staff

Traveling across the Atlantic was an arduous trip for German grandmother; immigrants were thankful to reach the land of opportunity.

Father Sailed Past Statue in New York Harbor as He Arrived in Land of Opportunity

CAPPER’s Staff

Author’s maternal ancestors were already here; English immigrant probably wicked at The Lady in New York Harbor.

Grandfather Brought Cigar Trade to Land of Opportunity

CAPPER’s Staff

Cigar manufacturing a skill that grandfather brought with him to the land of opportunity.

Land of Opportunity: Grandparents Survived Cholera Outbreak

CAPPER’s Staff

Woman traveling with grandparents to land of opportunity took sick and was thought dead; she survived, married and raised a family.


Great-Grandmother Sought Refuge for Family in Land of Opportunity

CAPPER’s Staff

Great-grandmother brought family to land of opportunity; grandmother grew up in an aunt’s home.

Land of Opportunity: Grandpa Traveled to Frankenmuth, Michigan

CAPPER’s Staff

Grandpa among German immigrants to make their home in Frankenmuth.

Lutheran Bookbinder Made Tough Transition to Farmer in Land of Opportunity

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To keep his sons out of the Prussian army, Lutheran bookbinder travels to land of opportunity and takes up farming.

Land of Opportunity: Banana Peel Made Boy Sick

CAPPER’s Staff

Immigrants to land of opportunity included a small boy who tried to eat the banana peel on the unfamiliar treat.