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Take a walk down memory lane with stories about the past. Enjoy stories about the american dream, the great depression, one-room schools, outhouses, and much more.

Top Family Vacations for Boating and Fishing

Family Features

Here are the top family vacation destinations for boating and fishing enthusiasts, as presented by

Patriotic Music in America

By Karen Sutherland

America’s patriotic music reflects the heart and soul of this great country we call home.

Not So Random Acts of Kindness

By Sarah Sinning, Assistant Editor

A funny thing happened to me today.

Santa's Visit

By D.J. Glawson

Reminiscing about winter and the times when Santa would visit.


Chickens in The Pig Pen

By Valerie Root

My daddy's memory of what happened when a pig mixed with the chickens.

Kids Will Be Kids

By D.J. Glawson

A tale of two imaginative children.

Boys and Girls

By D.J. Glawson

What happens when you try to show a teenage boy something and you are a preteen girl.

The Seedy Side of Vintage Farm Ephemera

By Chris Otto

A century-old seed packet offers some interesting insight into an earlier era of farming in the Midwest.