In this guide you'll discover information on managing your forest, how to choose a woodstove, making money from your wooded acres, and much more. The Complete Guide to the Woodlot explores ways to get the most out of your woods, from the science of stacking firewood and choosing the best wood for burning to picking the best chainsaw and selling timber from your land.

    Whether you want to heat your home with wood, grill with wood chunks, or pick the perfect log splitter, this guide covers it all. Learn how to build a kitchen island, make your own wooden shakes, or maintain your property with a chipper-shredder.

    Other articles include:

    • The Time-Honored Art of Splitting Wood: Once you’ve mastered the tools and techniques, splitting wood by hand can be a pleasure.
    • The Art of Coppicing: This ancient technique lets forests produce timber without killing trees.
    • How to Make a Homemade Fire Starter: A few ordinary household items can be combined to easily create a starter for your fireplace.
    • When to Choose Wood Heat: For some households, heating with wood is a smart, sustainable option. Learn about the benefits and costs of using a woodstove to heat your home.
    • Home Lumber Mill: Crafting Dimensional Sawed Timbers: Portable sawmills let you use your lumber from your land.
    • Profit With a Portable Sawmill Business: Learn how to generate money for the homestead by processing wood, custom cutting lumber, and more.
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    Build a honey extractor. Use top-bar hives. Bake with honey. Find your favorite honeybee. Read about all this and more with GRIT's Guide to Backyard Bees and Honey, 3rd Edition. This treasure-trove of bee knowledge has more than 75 ways to get more from your bees. Cover-to-cover, this 100-page guide includes great advice, tips, techniques, instructions, recipes and more to help you get started with beekeeping … or, if you are a seasoned beekeeper, to help you learn new tricks of the trade.

    Save money while building your own beehive or honey extractor with simple materials available at your local hardware store. Read how to use a top-bar hive, a less expensive method to raising bees that will pollinate your crops and provide tasty honey fresh from the comb. Honey adds something natural, healthy and sweet to any recipe, whether it's appetizers or main dishes.

    More articles include:

    • Top Tips for Happy Bees: Expert advice for novice urban beekeepers.
    • Bee Byproducts: Honey is but one of the items created by ever-industrious honeybees.
    • Go Native with Wild Bees: The humble little orchard mason bee is the best-kept (pollinator) secret.
    • The Case of the Disappearing Honeybees: What is colony collapse disorder, and what can be done?
    • Winterizing Your Bees … Naturally: There may be snow on the ground and ice on the trees, but your bees are a balmy 96 degrees Fahrenheit inside their hive.
    • And more!
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    Keeping bees is a great hobby. It provides you with an unlimited supply of honey; the bees help pollinate your plants and crops; and can provide enjoyment for you and the whole family. This 100-page guide is filled with some of the best articles on keeping bees, building your own beehives, cooking with honey and how to identify different types of bees.

    Inside you'll find more than 77 ways to get more from your backyard bees. Read how to get to know your bees and all it takes to get started raising bees. Discover how to build your own beehive and save money in the process. Learn how to keep bees with top bar hives. You can also find 10 easy steps to becoming an urban beekeeper.

    Other articles include:

    • Beginning With Honeybees: Questions and answers help beginning beekeepers.
    • Wholesome as Honey: Famous as a sweet treat, this bee staple is packed with good nutrition and health.
    • Bee Byproducts: Honey is but one of the items caused by ever-industrious honeybees.
    • Go Native With Wild Bees: The humble little orchard mason bee is the best-kept (pollinator) secret.
    • Community Buzz for Overwintering Bees: GRIT bloggers' best tips for keeping your hive healthy during its most difficult months.
    • Beehive Baking: Put down the sugar bowl and switch to honey with these wholesome recipes.
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    The secret – how enjoyable and rewarding owning and maintaining a backyard hive is – is out! Not only are the benefits of owning your own hive (or hives!) numerous, this hobby that will benefit your family, your land and the environment. More backyard beehives are popping up all over the country. Whether you are a seasoned beekeeper or on still on the fence about taking the leap and starting your own hive, the 5th edition of GRIT’s Guide to Backyard Bees and Honey is an excellent source to help you get started!

    This 100-page guide is filled with some of the best articles published in GRIT magazine, covering almost everything you need to know about starting, maintaining and benefiting from owning your own beehive … everything from buying and installing your first package of bees into the new hive to cooking with the delicious honey they produce. Several articles cover step-by-step instructions on how to build your own beehive. Other articles cover how important bees and other pollinators are to the land. Plus, are you brave enough to take the “Name that Bee” quiz and identify more than 10 different species of bees?

      More articles included:
    • Homesteading With the Bees – Our bloggers offer up their well-earned expertise on keeping backyard bees.
    • Getting to Know Your Bees – The sweet truth about the life and times of one of humankind’s most important social insects.
    • Building a Top-Bar Hive – A different approach allows the beekeeper a simpler method of checking on his charges.
    • Wholesome as Honey – Famous as a sweet treat, this bee staple is packed with good nutrition and health.
    • How to Build a Honey Extractor – You can make an inexpensive honey extractor from simple materials available in your local hardware store.
    • DIY Beeswax Crafts for the Home – With the increased interest in beekeeping, the use of honey and beeswax has become an artisanal trend.
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    The Grit Guide to Backyard Bees and Honey, 7th edition has more than 39 ways to be the best beekeeper! Plus, its articles include recent studies on the honey bee’s decline; businesses that provide classes for beekeepers; lessons on capturing a swarm wherever and whenever; recipes for cooking and baking with honey; and guidance for extracting and processing of honey the easy way.

    Read how to get to know your bees and the sweet truth about the life and times of one of humankind’s most important social insects. Discover the 10 items to take to the bee yard. Learn the difference between hives and the lists of pros and cons of the three top beehive designs: Top-Bar, Warre, and Langstroth. Read how to build a honey extractor from simple materials available in your local hardware store. Put down the sugar bowl and switch to honey with the wholesome recipes inside this colorful guide.
    More articles include:

    • Beekeeping with a Honey Bee Allergy – I had never had a problem with honey bees, so I didn’t think too much of being stung three times in short order.
    • How to Install a Package of Bees – Your bees have arrived in the mail … now what?
    • Nectars of Nature – What’s your favorite type of honey? Learn what factors play into honing the best-tasting honey.
    • A Honey of a Meal – Honey adds something natural, healthy, and sweet to each course of any great meal: appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, desserts, and soups.
    • Go Native with Wild Bees – The humble little orchard mason bee is the best-kept (pollinator) secret.
    • Solving Bee Behavior Problems – Understanding normal bee behaviors is essential to identifying unusual behavior and correcting any problems.
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    Want the best-looking yard in your neighborhood? Or a sprawling green lawn that welcomes visitors as they make their way up your driveway? With the help of the Grit Guide to Field and Lawn Care you'll discover how to grow and maintain the sharpest lawn, as well as tips for safe mowing, advice for rejuvenating your lawn, and so much more.

    Packed from cover to cover with expertise on field and lawn care, this helpful guide can assist you as you decide which mower will work best for your yard. And whether you need an economical pushmower or a time-saving zero turn machine, you'll find advice on routine maintenance that will keep your mower or garden tractor on track all summer long. Read 10 ways to sustainably manage the unwanted weeds that sprout up every year. Master the ins and outs of lawn maintenance and keep your yard looking its best all summer. Plus, learn how to lawn stripe your yard: Not only will it look professionally mowed, but fertilizing and overseeding will be that much easier!

    Other articles include:

    • Rules of Engagement: Before operating any mower, it's imperative to wrap your mind around basic mowing safety.
    • (Electric) Wave of the Future: Mowers and bots that will cut your grass, without gas.
    • Mowing the Old-Fashioned Way: Use a scythe to make hay and trim your lawn.
    • Mowing and More with your ATV: Save money by turning your all-terrain vehicle into a top hand.
    • All the Trimmings: From string trimmers and edgers to the old reliable ax, here are all the tools you'll need to keep your landscape neat and tidy.
    Item: 6751

    Author: GRIT Editors

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    With more than 37 easy, do-it-yourself ideas, the Grit Guide to Homestead DIY Projects, 2nd edition takes on wood pallet projects, porch swings, a backyard bread oven, small garden green house and more. Organized by project size – small, medium and large– the guide provides simple instructions for building your own tomato cages, cold frame, compost tumbler, chicken tractor, grain bin house, root cellar, solar cabin and more.

    Item: 7792

    Format: Paperback


    The Grit Guide to Modern Homesteading walks you step-by-step through finding, buying and building your dream homestead. From selecting that perfect piece of land to building your dream home and buying and raising livestock, this 100-page guide is filled with articles written by some of the best homesteading experts.

    Discover how to build your home debt-free with patience and resourcefulness. Read all about septic systems to help you save money with design and maintenance. Learn the rules for raising livestock, including feeds, living space and manure. You can also discover how to farm the wind, a new crop that’s a breeze to cash in on.

    More articles include:

    • How to Find Your Dream Homestead: Follow this expert advice to find the property that’s just right for you.
    • Homestead Water Sources and Options: Mystified by pumps and the prospect of digging a well? Wade through your options for finding a safe source.
    • Barns and Outbuildings: Plan with the future in mind, says this longtime farmer, whose “small” operation has outgrown several barns and sheds – and isn’t done growing yet.
    • Farm Fencing – Horse High, Chicken Tight and Bull Strong: With livestock fencing, there’s plenty to consider: woven wire or high-tensile; electric or non-electric. Here’s how to make the best choice for your animals.
    • Fixing Up Old Farmhouses: A brief checklist of items to think about when considering a fixer-upper in the country.
    Item: 7643

    Format: Paperback


    Make the most of the fall season with the help this guide offers! You will find out how to grow your best fall garden, taking advantage of the cooler temperatures that will make your vegetables taste crisp and sweet. If you protect your vegetables, you can continue harvesting fresh, crisp produce through several fall and winter months! Speaking of cooler temperatures, choose the best wood-burning stove for your home with the expert advice contained in this guide, and find the best firewood types for your needs! Other articles include: • Eight easy projects for instant energy savings – Implement these inexpensive strategies to reduce your carbon footprint and slash your energy bills. • Choose Fermented foods for health and flavor – Humans have used fermentation for centuries to preserve food. Today, we know that fermentation also makes some foods more nutritious. • Outdoor root cellars – Try these five ways to store fresh food for winter right in your garden. • Brew your own beer – Home brewing is kettles of fun, and it’s the perfect way to make your own uniquely flavored, affordable drinks. • Sweet cider roundup – Make delicious cider with this advice on the best apples and how to press them. • Emergency power options – With the right generator, you’ll be prepared when storms or blackouts leave you without electricity.

    Item: 8407


    Format: Paperback

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