The LED Growlight Garden is ideal for growing microgreens and herbs, or showcasing your favorite plants, while ensuring they get all the water and full spectrum of natural light they need to grow and thrive.

    Measuring 24 by 16 inches, the attractive tabletop design fits perfectly in the home or office, just add your favorite seedling mix, seeds, or transplants and enjoy your indoor garden all year-round!

    Please allow two weeks for delivery. Available for shipment to continental U.S. addresses only.

    Item: 9488

    The Leghorn Cottage is an eggs-treme home for your laying fowl.

    This strong, high-quality coop allows you to take comfort that your girls are safe from harmful predators. Providing comfort, room, and an invitation for egg production, this coop is wonderful for your chickens, ducks, quail, or pheasant. This product is made with nonsplintering fir timber.

    The manufacturer says it accommodates “4+ chickens” because there are factors to consider: What breed are you getting? Are you able to let them free-range? We recommend looking at the measurements and seeing what you feel comfortable with. Keep in mind the chickens share nesting boxes and stand side by side on the roosting rods!

    Made from non-splintering fir timber, the coop’s painted with two coats. It features vents on both sides to ensure proper airflow in the henhouse. The henhouse door slides open and closes using a metal handle. (This allows you to easily secure your hens at night.) Under the henhouse, 15 inches of clearance provides additional space for the hens to roam.

    Measuring 76 inches long by 31.5 inches wide, this solid, well-built coop is a fantastic starter coop. (Note: The roof makes it 34 inches wide.)

    It arrives in two boxes! Each piece is labeled, and the instructions are simple to follow. You will need a power screwdriver and an hour. The holes are predrilled and all of the heavy-gauge wire is preinstalled on the panels. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to assemble!

    Please allow two weeks for delivery. This item is only available for shipment to addresses in the continental United States.

    Item: 9617

    Mail Alert ends wasted trips to the mailbox. A bright yellow flag pops up to signal mail delivery. Mail Alert can be easily seen from the house or the driveway. Baked enamel finish stands up to weather. Attaches in seconds with screwdriver, hardware included.

    Item: 808

    This manual, cast iron grain and corn mill is perfect for helping you make cornmeal from dehydrated corn. If you are a home brewer, this mill is great for cracking malted barley, oats, and other grains. In addition, farmers love this mill for making chicken feed!

    Featuring a heavy-duty crank handle that turns effortlessly and an extra-large, 5 1/2-inch-diameter hopper, this mill easily clamps onto any countertop (up to 1 1/2 inches). A rubber base protector keeps the mill from scratching your work surface and adjustable burrs provide you grind control.

    Please allow two weeks for delivery. Available for shipment to continental U.S. addresses only.

    Item: 9471

    This soap pump converts any regular-mouth mason jar into an elegant rustic bathroom or kitchen accessory.

    Don't be fooled by low-quality competitor products, which are made with inferior-grade metal or lower quality stainless steel, and which can rust or degrade quickly. This soap dispenser is made with a thick 304 stainless steel top and jar band by EcoJarz, which resist rust and corrosion.

    The sleek brushed stainless steel style adds an elegant touch to your bathroom or kitchen. The item includes a plastic tube that can be cut to size to fit pint and quart jars. It works great with liquid soap, lotion, and more. Also included is a soap pump with stainless steel lid and stainless steel jar band.

    A jar is not included.

    Item: 9588

    This mason jar toothbrush holder lid fits on any widemouthed mason jar. Made of durable, rust- and corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel, this bathroom accessory is made to last. The large compartments have plenty of room for toothpaste and toothbrushes, and they can accommodate razors, flossers, tongue scrapers, and more. The lid is also great for items in your office, art room, and more! Please note that a jar is not included, but that the lid fits Ball, Kerr, and any other widemouthed jar brand.

    It makes things easy to clean: Simply swap the lid onto a new mason jar and wash your jar by hand or in the dishwasher. The product’s also great for a timeless, elegant look, and it matches industrial, farmhouse, shabby chic, and rustic décor.

    The lid measures 3.5 inches wide by 5/8 inches tall, and it comes in a decorative gift box.

    Not sure if your widemouthed mason jar will accept this lid? Your jar should measure 3 inches inside the top, or about 3-3/8 inches from thread to thread. This item will not fit the smaller, regular-mouth mason jars, which measure 2-3/4 inches across the rim.

    Item: 9587

    Transform your regular mouth Mason jars into multifunctional, reusable containers.

    The flip caps are great for storage and also make for excellent on-the-go containers!

    When open, the flip cap creates a 2-inch-wide hole.

    Jar not included.

    Item: 9711

    Transform your regular mouth Mason jars into multipurpose pump containers!

    This pump cap turns Mason jars into soap and lotion dispensers.

    Jar not included.

    Item: 9704

    Transform your regular mouth Mason jars into reusable spray dispensers with this sprayer cap!

    The trigger sprayer has a wide head and ergonomic shape for user comfort. Also, it features a variable sprayer that goes from high output to mist.

    This product is diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) free, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) free, and mercury free.

    Jar not included.

    Item: 9703

    If you already own brewing equipment, this recipe kit is a delicious way to make handcrafted wine at home!

    Elegant and refined, Master Vintner Merlot yields one gallon of wine featuring complex flavors of cherry, plum, and currants.

    Deep, juicy aromas present bright, fresh fruit. Flavorful notes of strawberries and raspberries intermingle with hints of ripe currants for full-bodied yet easy-drinking red wine. Pairs well with red meat, cheese, and game dishes.

    Yield: 1 gallon (approximately 5 wine bottles)

    Please allow two weeks for delivery. Available for shipment to continental U.S. addresses only.

    Item: 9854

    If you already own brewing equipment, the Master Vintner Pinot Noir kit is a delicious way to make one gallon of wine at home!

    The exotic bouquet of this recipe kit’s pinot noir captures luscious aromas of ripe red fruits and spiced chocolate in one gallon of handcrafted wine.

    Rich flavors of cherry and tart raspberry merge with notes of dark, juicy currants and bright red strawberry to complement a luxurious, velvety mouthfeel. Pairs well with sharp cheese, pork, veal, and salmon.

    Yield: 1 gallon (approximately 5 wine bottles)

    Please allow two weeks for delivery. Available for shipment to continental U.S. addresses only.

    Item: 9853

    An international exclusive, introducing the first-ever 1 gallon winemaking starter kit, complete with premium grape concentrate from world-class vineyards.

    Great things come in small packages. Without experience or anything but a passion for wine, you can make top notch, cellar-worthy wine in your kitchen. Master Vintner combines essential equipment that's easy to use with expert instruction that's easy to follow. You'll walk through the essentials of winemaking with exclusive techniques from world-class winemaker Tim Vandergrift.

    You don't need time, either. Great wine takes a matter of minutes to make, and then only the patience to let it ferment and mature into perfection. Prep a Cabernet for fermentation while you make dinner, or a pinot noir in the minutes before you head for work in the morning.

    We've broken down the process for complex, beautiful wines into simple steps that ensure success, with a minimal investment of precious time.

    Our premium recipe kits are made from grapes picked at their prime by expert vintners in world-class vineyards. With this unsurpassed quality, you absolutely cannot make better homemade wine anywhere else.

    With small batch sizes you'll get five bottles per recipe, making it easy to mix and match favorite styles. Craft a full tasting menu in just four months with each batch of wine finishing in a quick four weeks. Serve your favorite meals alongside an artisanal bottle of Chardonnay or Merlot that you made in your own kitchen.

    Starter Kit Includes:

    • Your choice of recipe kit: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay
    • World-class instructions from industry expert Tim Vandergrift
    • Little Big Mouth Bubbler Glass Primary Fermentor, Stopper, Airlock & FermagraF°
    • 1 Gallon Glass Jug Secondary Fermentor, Cap, Airlock & FermagraF°
    • Herculometer, Test Jar & Thief
    • Mini Auto-Siphon & Tubing
    • 18" Plastic Paddle
    • Corker & Corks
    • Bottle Filler & Tubing
    • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Oxygen Wash Cleanser & Sodium Metabisulfite Sanitizer
    Item: 9537

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