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What could be more important than clean, safe water? The AquaRain® Natural Water Filter will provide your family and loved ones with laboratory proven safe drinking water...without electricity, without plumbing, and without pressure or chemical pretreatments. Our patented sub-micron ceramic technology positively removes dangerous living organisms and harmful bacteria from your drinking water...naturally...using microfiltration and gravity. A dense and highly adsorptive carbon filter bed has been incorporated within the ceramic shell and sterile metallic silver added to maintain purity in the filter system. The attractive super-sanitary stainless steel housing is press-formed without seams or welds and has easy lift handles. A unique "splash guard" system insures safe drinking water in daily operation. Here is what may be the best part... the AquaRain® can produce quality drinking water for less than 2¢ per gallon!

This Model #402 stainless steel natural water filter system is a larger size that comes with 2 high performance patented ceramic elements, 3 gallon vessels top and bottom which measures 22” tall (will hold up to 4 ceramic elements).

About Filter Life

We are asked about filter life from time to time, so we asked the folks who make AquaRain and here is what they said:

 The life of the filter depends on the quality of the water you are filtering.  I will use myself as an example.  I have a well, it has sulphur, iron, and other bacteria.  I have the Model #404 with 4 filters.  I have to clean my elements about once a month.  I usually have to replace those filter elements about every 3 1/2 years.  I have relatives who filter with municipal water and had the same filters for 8 years, as a matter of fact we actually have some customers out there with filters even longer than that!

 The AquaRain ceramics will eventually need to be replaced.  The unique aspect of our patented ceramic system is that the end of life can be MEASURED!  So there is no guessing, just clean the ceramic with the green abrasive pad, and when the measuring gauge we send with the unit can fit around the ceramic, it is time to throw it away. The ceramics can be cleaned approximately 200 times. 

 As for our carbon, we use the very highest grade of silver-infused nut-shell granulated activated carbon inside our ceramic cartridges and with 11 minutes of mean contact time, you will get full benefit from the carbon’s life. Eventually this carbon will be exhausted from absorbing things in your water, but as everyone’s particular issues differ, this is exceedingly difficult to measure or predict. 

 You can gain extra life from your carbon by letting the water you intend to fill the AquaRain with stand out in an open vessel (like a pitcher).  This will allow many VOC contaminants to “gas off” reducing the load on the carbon and extending its useful life.

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