Backyard Pharmacy helps you choose the best "backyard" medicinal plants. All of the plants can be grown easily by home gardeners throughout North America … and used for their healing and natural-remedy properties! Author Elizabeth Millard shares her deep knowledge of what to add to your garden to grow your own medicine cabinet to enhance your health.

Each featured plant profile includes:

  • A detailed full-color photograph of the plant and key preparation steps.
  • A description and brief history of the plants (including recommended varieties).
  • How to plant, grow and harvest.
  • The parts of the plant to be used.
  • The health and nutritional properties of the plant.
  • Current scientific research on the plant.
  • Any special harvesting, storing or preparation instructions.
  • How to use the plant as a remedy.
  • Any cautions to note.
Richly illustrated with 200 photographs, Backyard Pharmacy not only includes shots of the plants, it also contains images demonstrating key elements of the step-by-step preparation, harvest and storage methods to reap the best results from your gardening efforts.

Take control of your health. Learn about the benefits of herbs and natural health remedies for yourself and your family, and even grow them right in your own backyard.

Author: Elizabeth Millard

Pages: 176

Format: Paperback

Weight: 1.24

Item Number: 7754

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