This home cooking set will provide you with all the essentials year-round. Inside its pages, you’ll find instruction that includes slow cooking tips, ideas for cooking from scratch, guidance on cast-iron cooking, and help with baking homemade bread!

Capper’s Farmer Guide to Slow Cooking

There’s no better time of year to start using your slow cooker or pressure cooker than fall and winter! Having your home fill with the aroma of soups, stews, roasts, or vegetables that have been cooking slowly for hours is a thing of comfort, especially when the weather outside is not so warm and comforting. Cappers’ Farmer put together a special guide dedicated to cooking with your slow cooker or pressure cooker. There are 79 delicious recipes to try in this 100-page guide, plus you can learn more about your pressure cooker, read how to try new and exciting recipes, and much more.

Learn how to save money on meat while still providing great meals for your family. Discover three super-easy slow cooker soup recipes, so you can have dinner awaiting you when you walk in the door. Read how to make jams, preserves, and butters in your slow cooker. Cookbook author Sarah Olson provides a few dos and don’ts when it comes to utilizing your slow cooker. Understand how solar cookers offer slow cooker convenience and an alternative to preparing food with fossil fuels.

More articles include:

• A Taste of Comfort – Cook up these three hearty soups and stews for winter warmth. Vegetarian and gluten-free, these flavorful soups suit nearly any diet.
• How to Use a Pressure Cooker – The appliance may seem intimidating, but in fact, by reducing the cooking times for whole foods, the slow cooker can be almost as convenient for a busy lifestyle as a microwave oven.
• Simple-to-Make, Savory Dinners – Use your slow cooker to create delicious meals easily, with the nifty bonus of tasty leftovers.
• Slow Cooker, Great Sweets – Add desserts to the long list of recipes that utilize your slow cooker.
• Adapting Gluten-Free Favorites to the Slow Cooker – Read tips for converting and modifying recipes for the slow cooker.

Capper’s Farmer Guide to Cooking from Scratch

Homemade meals are making a comeback, and you can start with the basics with Capper’s Farmer Guide to Cooking from Scratch. Full of 95 recipes and tips, this guide will give you many ideas for homemade food, such as making your own butter and bread, freezing your own fruits and vegetables from your garden, and preparing delicious and simple one-pot meals. Learn all about cooking from scratch with articles teaching you how to:

• Churn Homemade Butter for the Best Flavor
• Make Pickles, Sauerkraut, Cheeses, or Candies
• Bake Bread, Preserve Jams, Freeze Garden Produce
• Bake Sweet or Savory Pies for Every Occasion
• Create a Treasured Heirloom Cookbook
• And more!

No matter your experience with homemade cooking or baking, ditch the processed, store-bought treats or meals and learn how to whip up the tastiest, healthiest, and freshest recipes with Capper’s Farmer Guide to Cooking from Scratch!

GRIT Guide to Cast-Iron Cooking, 2nd Edition

Get all the know-how for your cast-iron skillet and the best recipes with the GRIT Guide to Cast-Iron Cooking from the Country Skills Series. Learn all about this classic kitchen essential with more ways than ever for using your skillet or Dutch oven. Learn the best oils to season your pan, how to roast coffee and nuts in the pan, and how to cook in the fireplace. Get more than 53 recipes for your cast iron, such as Salmon Cakes, Fried Chicken, Savory Sage and Peppered Cornbread, Homemade Flour Tortillas, Blueberry Wheat Skillet Cake, Cast-Iron Skillet Pizza, and many more. Learn all about these classic cooking techniques and become a cast-iron expert with the GRIT Guide to Cast-Iron Cooking!

GRIT Guide to Homemade Bread, 7th Edition

One of the most comforting sensations is walking into your home and smelling the delicious aroma of homemade bread in the oven. Whether it's being made on a cold winter day to dunk in your soup, or during the summer for those refreshing sandwiches at lunchtime, homemade breads of all types and varieties offer something everyone should enjoy. GRIT Guide to Homemade Bread, 7th Edition provides more than 107 keys to successfully make bread, from sourdough bread to gluten-fee, from bagels to tortillas and more. With 76 recipes inside this 100-page guide, you and your whole family can enjoy the benefits of homemade bread.

Discover five reasons why your bread dough doesn’t rise and how to avoid this frustrating obstacle to baking great bread. Read the guide to whole-grain baking and use 10 baking techniques without fear of ruining your favorite recipes. Try giving your dry, brittle bread new life with some fresh new recipes. Learn how to use an earth oven; once you’ve tasted bread baked in the old-world structure, you’ll never go back to baking in the kitchen oven.

More articles include:

• How to Make Homemade Flour – Fresh, homemade flour is less expensive, more nutritious, and more flavorful than store-bought flour.
• Salute to Sourdough – Cook up some hearty and delicious pioneer fare in your kitchen.
• Creating a Food Business on the Homestead – Take your kitchen skills, add a great recipe and fresh ingredients, and combine for a great way to make yourself an income opportunity.
• Cornmeal to Cornbread – A chunk of this savory yet sweet concoction makes for a meal all by itself.
• Flatbread Fiesta! – Whether you call it tortilla, naan, matzo, or cracker, there’s a version in every culture.

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