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The Grit Guide to Modern Homesteading walks you step-by-step through finding, buying and building your dream homestead. From selecting that perfect piece of land to building your dream home and buying and raising livestock, this 100-page guide is filled with articles written by some of the best homesteading experts.

Discover how to build your home debt-free with patience and resourcefulness. Read all about septic systems to help you save money with design and maintenance. Learn the rules for raising livestock, including feeds, living space and manure. You can also discover how to farm the wind, a new crop that’s a breeze to cash in on.

More articles include:

  • How to Find Your Dream Homestead: Follow this expert advice to find the property that’s just right for you.
  • Homestead Water Sources and Options: Mystified by pumps and the prospect of digging a well? Wade through your options for finding a safe source.
  • Barns and Outbuildings: Plan with the future in mind, says this longtime farmer, whose “small” operation has outgrown several barns and sheds – and isn’t done growing yet.
  • Farm Fencing – Horse High, Chicken Tight and Bull Strong: With livestock fencing, there’s plenty to consider: woven wire or high-tensile; electric or non-electric. Here’s how to make the best choice for your animals.
  • Fixing Up Old Farmhouses: A brief checklist of items to think about when considering a fixer-upper in the country.

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