The road to good health through proper diet and nutrition can lead down many paths. You may ask yourself, Should I go vegan? Follow a gluten-free regimen? Should I eat raw or cooked foods? Natasha Kyssa offers all the answers and more in this inspiring collection of mostly raw, whole-foods recipes that will improve your health, no matter what your age. Kyssa is a former international fashion model who transformed her unhealthy lifestyle by turning to raw foods almost 25 years ago; she is now a raw foods consultant and restaurateur who also runs marathons in her spare time. Kyssa promotes a balanced, flexible diet designed for individual constitutions and based on fresh plant foods-gluten-free, toxin-free and simply delicious. Her regimen also takes into consideration older folks and others who cannot tolerate an all-raw diet by including cooked foods. It's a cookbook and lifestyle guide to be shared between generations. In fact, Kyssa's mother contributes vegan versions of central European classics like borscht, mushroom goulash, cabbage rolls and lovage dumplings. Other recipes include raw soups, cakes and puddings, as well as a raw Pad Thai and spaghetti bolognese.

Spend some time in Kyssa's kitchen; it will transform your life!

Category: Special Diets

Author: Natasha Kyssa

Pages: 206

Format: Paperback

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