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Did you know that preparing great venison recipes starts well before you turn on the stove or fire up the grill? It's true. The quality of the dish you put on the table begins back with the shooting and cleaning your deer. How was the meat processed? Did you select the right cuts of meat? How about pairing those cuts with the correct cooking methods and recipe? Follow the right steps, and your family and friends will request your venison recipes again and again.

In What's for Dinner ... Deer?, Matt Wilkinson takes you through all of these details-from the field to the table. Along the way, you'll learn tips and techniques that you can apply to any venison recipe, not just the mouthwatering dishes Wilkinson prepares onscreen.

Not a hunter but married to one? This DVD shows you how to cook venison, providing great recipes. If you've had disappointing results with venison recipes in the past, this disc is for you. Now you can team up with your spouse even if you don't both go into the field. One of you can shoot the deer and handle the deer meat processing, and the other can turn that meat into delicious meals.

The What's for Dinner ... Deer? DVD is one you'll refer to again and again, as each hunting season rolls around. Unlock the secrets of preparing and cooking great venison recipes today.

Author: Matt Wilkinson

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