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Tractors In My Backyard

"It ran better than that when I parked it there." If you've been around someone who has left any type of truck or tractor sit in one spot for any length of time and then try to start it, you've probably heard that phrase before. In my case, it was my stepdad who let those words slip out of his ...

Daily Walks

I took Jake, my Jack Russell terrier, for a walk a few days ago. On our evening walk, I had the chance to listen to a very beautiful sound, the sound of frogs. Between the first sounds of frogs and the cherry blossoms blooming, this is the best part of spring, right along with planting my ...

A Tent, A Fishing Pole and My Camera

Daylight Saving Time and spring have arrived. With longer days and warmer weather to look forward to and within my reach, I'm looking forward to spending more time outdoors. I am eager to get back to my warm weather hobbies which include nature photography, camping and fishing.This year I have ...

One Crafty Mouse

I have a problem. I have a mouse in the house that is trying very hard to outsmart me. I've had the sensation of being watched a few times in my kitchen. Each time, it was the mouse peeking out from the underneath the stove burner, watching me. As soon as it knew that it had been seen, it ...

Farewell To Winter

I used to have a Jack Russell Terrier named Stubby. He loved to go out to snoop and play in the snow. It was always a good day when he could go out to see if he could find anything in the snow, especially if it was a mouse. Somehow, Stubby managed to find a few in the snow. Stubby passed away ...

Cabin Fever

How many people like me have cabin fever? I have so much cabin fever I feel like I’m going crazy. All the seed catalogs I’ve received are now well-worn and the pages are dog-eared as I look though them just one more time waiting for my orders to come in the mail. I’ve even picked up a ...

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